7 Features of Saas-based Medicine Delivery Software

Saas-based Medicine Delivery Software

Saas-based Medicine Delivery software has taken over the pharmacy industry by scandal. Businesses are turning digital market now to provide their services or products. Important development in demand for medicines, online pharmacy delivery software is a wonderful approach to get the problem solved. Most of the people are right now prepared towards online delivery of medicines, businesses are looking for online medicine delivery app development services to achieve entire their business objectives.

Saas-based Medicine Delivery Software

Online medicine delivery software permit it’s users to get order medicines in their doorstep delivery of pharmacy medicines. Online medicine delivery software is a game changer in the medical industry. Users can use pharmacy application to inspect different categories of pills. Once they get what they need, also add number of medicines to the cart and proceed to checkout. Customers will have an option to choose payment method to build instant secure payment or COD and track delivery updates. It also gives patients with prescription medicines and help pharmacists improve their business.

Features of Saas-based Medicine Delivery Software:

Adding one by one standard in the application, developers are taking the software towards perfection. There are different features of a online medicine delivery app development that helps to improve its more popularity. These features build a saas based medicine deliver software in different from others. Here are some of them that have look.

1. Specialist Consultation

These features like specialist consultation add an extra layer of more convenience for the customers. When customers is push with some prescription or medicine and require expert consultation, the application also offers this facility. Dedicated specialist helps the customer with all their queries. A customer can ask any question and get quick answer from the specialist.

2. Auto-detect Location

The automatic detect location feature is the second most important feature. User agree to permit the application to automatic their detect location in order to facilitate a smooth delivery experience. The pharmacy delivery stores will be show on the main screen in obedience with the customer location.

Saas-based Medicine Delivery Software

3. Add To Cart Option

Add to cart option used to add any products they require can add to cart one or more after that proceed to checkout. Customers can instantly add medications to their shopping cart by utilizing add to cart option. Before finishing the payment checkout process, the medications that added will be show in the cart. Before processing payment process, it is critical to review the medications in question. This quantity of medicine can be added to and also withdraw cart directly.

4. Push Notification

Online pharmacy delivery software provides organize notifications features, and saving customers from going out of medicine, also skipping to refill their prescription. When ordering medicines on normal basis, user can get latest updates with remainders, option about future orders anything added by pharmacy owner or service provider, etc. it also very vibrant to remember a lot of things between this it is not so hard to forget the medicine supply. This problem solved by saas based medicine delivery software. When customer orders medicine from online medicine delivery software, it save the customer details in database.

5. Multiple Payment Method

Saas based medicine delivery software facilitates multiple payment option to create entire the transaction in online. This absolute option has create the payments in hassle free for the admin panel. In order for the medicine delivery software to function in properly, payment process must be processed. Customer will be needed to have a different of payment alternatives available in order to transfer money online when purchasing request in this condition. Credit card, Debit card, net banking and any other methods of payment are also available. So customer requires not thinking too much about payment process. This feature improves user experience.

Saas-based Medicine Delivery Software

6. Order Report

Customers can quickly build a repeat purchase using their medicine delivery software if they can order report history feature downloaded on their device. You should offer your customers with the ability to review their order to avoid placing repeated medicine order. It is very important for patients who have high blood pressure or diabetes to order repeat medications on regular monthly basis.

7. In-App Camera

This is the best feature of medicine delivery software that supports in-app camera. When a customer clicks a image of the prescription, the automated system directly redirect the user to the online medicine page. Where user can select the quantity of medicine and proceed to checkout. The in-app camera is very smart enough to understand entire the drugs written in the prescription.

Summing Up

Nowadays, everyone is suffering from any disease because of their unhealthy lifestyle. There are handful people who do not need any medicine. Now everyone is dependent on the medicine. This is Perfect time for drug to delivery application business to take over market.

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