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Readymade SaaS Liquor Delivery Apps with Subscription Model

Cloud based ready made on-demand liquor delivery solutions for stores and liquor malls. Learn more

Customer Ordering App

Get the best world class experience with our liquor delivery app features on customer ordering app.

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Order Receiving App

Let stores manage their orders through order recieving mobile app platforms such as android, ios.

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Online Delivery App

Make delivery easier for customers who order online through app, delivery app helps to track the order way.

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liquor delivery solutions for restuarant business

100% white-labelled liquor delivery solutions

On-Demand Liquor Delivery App Solution for Multi-Stores Businesses

Liquor Delivery business is a vast segment. Depending on your food delivery outlets or business nature, we can help you get the perfect online ordering solutions for managing your food outlets or cloud kitchen.


We help your startup, enterprises business with our food delivery ordering solutions and on demand any customization.


Get your next food outlet a complete delivery solutions with Saaztro.


Streamline your online malls with our liquor delivery process with Saaztro services.


Integrate multiple liquor outlets with a single Online Liquor Delivery Interface with Dashboard.

White-Label SaaS Liquor Delivery Solutions for All Startups, And Entrepreneurs

With Our Saaztro Liquor Delivery Solutions, you may not need to wait till the application is designed or developed from scratch for turning live your food delivery business. Our "On-demand" business model solutions make it simple and happening for your business to start deliver food instantly.

With our Cloud-SaaS-Based Liquor Delivery Solutions, you can connect your restaurant to the delivery model in no time, hence our business solutions have been already designed and ready-to-use. You must subscribe for monthly rentals to get the application model ready for your business with any customisation you require.

Have your own Website, Android and iOS mobile apps in plate on monthly rentals with our SaaS-Based Liquor Delivery Business Solutions. Just pay monthly by monthly and start gaining our business solutions in no time. No huge Funds needed to make your dreams come true online business.

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On-Demand Liquor Ordering App Business with SaaS Business Model

Saaztro services by executing your delivery startup business process within 72 hours with our ready-to-use application. Our online liquor delivery solutions are own brand labelled as per your business requirements in a matter of two days. Get all the four essential liquor delivery apps with Saaztro.

Customer App

Ordering online through customer app such as Android, iOS

Partner App

Receiving the order online through partner app such as Android

Driver App

Accepting the order online through delivery app such as Android

Admin/Partner Panel

Managing the orders through Admin/Partner panel.

Millions delivery business rely on Saaztro

These amazing stats can be wrong, many happy customers around the world trust our platform solution to boost their delivery business


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Helped Small Business & Startups


Own Brand


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Saaztro features

Launch Your 100% White-Label Liquor Delivery App Business with Subscription Based Solutions

Inventory Management

The restaurant owners can manage the availability of the items by verifying stock in system.

Real-time Tracking

Our live order tracking system helps customers to track their orders on Google Maps.

Order Management

Customers can add up or remove the items from their order as per their requirement using the app.

Payment Gateway

We use a 100% secure payment gateway to manage your business payments.


Admin Panel supports all business owners with real-time analytics and profit earnings.

Promotional Codes

Keep your business well-organized and auto synchronized with our unique inbuilt POS.

What you get from saaztro

Readymade On-Demand Liquor Delivery Solutions for Your Business

Ready To Launch Solution

Software Updates

Regular Technical Support

Domain/Brand Name

Free Hosting

Free Maintains

Pay Monthly/Annually

Easiest Way Access Business

User Friendly Service

Best User Experience

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I have been more than satisfied with the level and quality of work done by saaztro team and I would be more than willing to recommend them to other clients. Their response time and level of communication is good and they try to go above an beyond to ensure that as a client you will be satisfied.


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Team does a fantastic job in developing web application for my business. A trust worthy team in delivering project on time. I highly recommend saaztro team for any small or large scale business sectors.

Jane Doe

Business Commerce

Team are always fair and excellent in providing quality service. We are pleased with the way they develop and meet the requirement of the project. Moreover they are skilled in providing solution to my business. I really appreciate their hard work.


Everdeals website

Team, I just had my website completed by your team. It has been a pleasant experience since the beginning of this project. Your project leader has been very responsive to my requests and given me updates on the project regularly. Thank you very much and I would recommend your team to my business friends in Singapore.


Diamantol Corp

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Frequently Asked Questions

SaaS-based applications are highly booming in the market for delivery industry. Every corner of the world supports the business solution as it is one of the most user-friendly and cost-friendly business solutions for startups and entrepreneurs. For any home-delivery model, it is the best option to go with our solution.
Have a hand in startup, a less funds proves when you do invest into business in the market. Liquor delivery is the one of the booming markets. With our Cloud SaaS-based liquor delivery application, you need to pay monthly rentals; which will be more affordable and flexiable for any startup, including yours.
Online delivery model is SaaS-based, and hence, it is already complete structured one. The only customisation that we need to add, according to your requirements if any, will take a little time. Rest, the application is ready for use, once we connect you with the server.
Saaztro provides support for monthly subscribers as long as they are subscribed with the company.

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Saaztro is a SaaS-Based, monthly subscription business solution provider which is also heavily invested in mobile app development and web development, providing services for iOS development, Android development & Web Development.

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